Searching for the masculine soul

Men today are looking for their masculine soul

They are sick of seeing culture get dumped down the toilet, but are also wary of easy solutions, pietism, simplistic answers, and things that simply don’t work.

They want a renewal of masculinity and of femininity, not a return to the past, but of a step into the future, of growth, and of continuation. Photo by Chris Holgersson on Unsplash

They want a re-foundation of the values that this country was built on but a moving beyond and upwards, but don’t know where to go, nor whom to follow.

The Masculine Struggle

They’re sick of the hypocrisy, of priests preaching no sex before marriage but then molesting kids, of bishops preaching honesty but then covering it up, of lay people appearing holy on the outside but being rotten on the inside.

They’re sick of the bad decisions of bad men ruining the good name of so many more great men, of great leaders, sacrificial priests and ministers, and truly gentle-men.

They’re sick of half-assed answers to complex problems, of ministers afraid to tell the truth because they might piss people off, and of others that tell the “truth” without ever listening to or living it.

They are men who want to live epic lives, to change the world, but have nowhere to look for guidance because there is nowhere to look.

They’re sick of asking if it’s ok for them to be themselves, to apologize for being dangerous, to always have to ask permission under the assumption that she is always right and he is always wrong.

They’re tired of trite, un-empassioned homilies, of limp arms and weak minds, of a church that continues to cover up and hide from reality in the hopes that the problems will just go away.

They’re sick of a culture that sexualizes everything, but also wants to blame men for all the evils ever committed in the world.

They’re sick of being told to follow the rules, that when they do it perfectly then success will come, then their lives will be happy, then their marriages will be fulfilling – and then following the rules and only finding disappointment at the end of the journey.

They’re tired of the lies, the cowardice, the fear, the weakness.

The Masculine Heart

They want more for themselves. but they want to do it respecting their honor, their morals and not having to drag down others to get it.

They want a spirituality that is raw and dangerous.

They want to faith that gut-checks them.

They want a challenge.

They want responsibility with their rights and freedom.

They want legacy.

They want pure, unadulterated joy.

They want adventure.

They want darkness, yes how they want gut-wrenching, soul-ripping darkness.

They want tears – yes, tears that flow and burn, and challenge.

They want leadership, and to lead.

They want to face their fears like a fucking badass.

They want to spit in the eye of Satan.

They want to meet their Creator face to face, and survive.

Yes, they want to be men.

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