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Brother, are you living Fully Alive?

A heart-centered leadership path for Christian men
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We are not the sum of our past mistakes, but of a Father’s love.

– Blessed John Paul II


The failure of today’s leadership leaves men feeling stranded and unsure of themselves.

But the seed of their masculine greatness has been sown deep inside the heart of every man.

Hard times create strong men,

strong men create good times,

good times create weak men,

and weak men create hard times.

We are not the sum of our past mistakes, but of a Father’s love.

– G. Michael Hopf


Those men who dare heed their deepest calling by God will find the path treacherous and lonely.

And while this ascent up the mountain has always demanded fortitude to overcome the varied obstacles that only truly great adventures present, today’s intrepid traveler will also find himself ambushed by our tepid and spineless spiritual and secular leaders who remain mired far below in the muck of their own mediocrity.

These apathetic creatures, who rejected their own call to greatness, will undoubtedly feel threatened by the moral and Godly men who serve only one Master and dare to continue the climb despite knowledge of their own imperfections.

The only thing necessary

for the triumph of evil

is that good men do nothing.

– Edmund Burke


For centuries now, the Church has undergone a gradual process of effeminization in which men have become stripped of their Divine calling.

In the name of meekness, humility and obedience, they have been sedated, castrated, and rendered harmless to stand up to the tyranny of sin that besets the Church and the world.

God does not desire weak and apathetic men, but MEN FULLY ALIVE, Kings who are willing and ready to serve him. The world needs strong men more than ever who will lead amidst the onslaught of evil and deception that surrounds us.


PROVIDE: Starting with his banishment from the Garden of Eden, man is called to work hard to provide sustenance for himself and his family.

This does not end with physical sustenance but includes all spiritual and moral guidance for his family, which starts with providing for his own physical and spiritual sustenance.


PROTECT: Just as St. Joseph was tasked to protect the Holy Family from physical and spiritual harm, so does every man receive the Crosier of spiritual headship over his family.

This Crosier is not a sign of worldly power; rather, it is a calling to defend his family from physical and spiritual harm during their pilgrimage back to the Father.


LEAD: Christ’s injunction to ‘build his Kingdom’ is an invitation to the Kingly and creative power of God the Father. Man’s Kingship is first exercised through the raising of a family, the domestic ‘Kingdom of God.’

The scepter of authority given by God to lead his family demands he first obtain the scepter of self-discipline.


Brother King, it is time to awaken from your slumber

Will you rise to the call?

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He who takes responsibility

for what he wants changed

becomes its King.

– Christian Alexander
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