My Journey

After over a decade as a monk and studying to become a Catholic priest, I left the seminary disillusioned, lost, and depressed. The moral failings and hypocrisy I witnessed among many Church leaders shattered my trust. I realized that the spiritual tools I had spent years developing were ineffective at helping me build the life I wanted.

Adrift in the secular world, I struggled with porn addiction, unhealthy relationships, and lack of direction. The “Christian advice” I received rang hollow. I knew I needed real, practical solutions grounded in virtue and meaning.

This began my journey of intense self-improvement. I read hundreds of books, took courses, and invested over $100k in coaching across every area of life – mindset, habits, health, masculinity, spirituality. What I found was:

  • Secular programs lacked the depth and meaning I craved as a man of faith.
  • Christian programs focused too narrowly on spirituality and “praying problems away.”

I saw the need to bridge these two worlds. Men need both spiritual grounding AND practical self-mastery to become their best selves.

That realization birthed my new company, Man Fully Alive, and the Awakening of Kings program. It’s designed for ambitious Christian men who want to maximize their potential across all areas of life.

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